Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Blog for my Portfolio

I found a new blog hosting website for my portfolio and it has worked better for what I was trying to do with my pictures. Check it out and consider making your own weebly! Its more like a website than a blog but it has blog features and can completely be a blog. Anyway...the new website is:
I will probably not update this blog much anymore.
Thanks for following!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This lady has come in twice to use our floral services in her catering business. She is a really nice lady who always has good creative challenges. I have been able to do both of her designs and they were both so fun.
The first one I don't have a picture of. I forgot my camera that day. She brought in a three level tray that was made of rusty copper and other metals. It was really cute. She wanted to put a floral arrangement on one of the levels and food on the rest. She also wanted it to be removable so she could also set it on the table. I did it in a gathering basket with the ends draping over the sides. It was purple, yellow and green and very wildflower looking since her catering job was in a cabin.
This next one (below) was an interesting one. When she came in she said she wanted a table runner-like arrangement. It was for a man and in his home. His house was brown with red accents and very outdoorsy. I knew right when she came in that I wanted to use that brown and yellow sunflower. She also asked if we could use peacock feathers or some other kind of animal feathers. The only ones we had were fake and plastic but that made it fun to work with. I curled them to add dramatic lines. I also added the dark articoke and some wheat. On the opposite side, I put one of the funeral fish into the design because he was an avid fisherman. I loved the way it turned out and so did everyone else in the shop. No one else knew how it was going to turn out with her weird descriptions. I wish the camera captured it a little better.

Monday, September 28, 2009

No longer working full-time

School has started so I have just been helping out at Rexburg Floral when I can and when they need the extra help. They have hired a new intern for the fall semester so she has been helping them out a lot now.

The high schools in the area had their homecomings and I helped out a lot and did some boutonnieres and corsages for the kids.

I love doing boutonnieres with the bullion wire! It looks so much more natural. And I love doing them with spray roses instead of one huge rose.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Other Stuff I've Done

Had my official last day of work...

It's kinda sad realizing that I'm technically done working at Rexburg Floral. I will work some Saturdays though during school so that will be good.
We just had a lot of funerals recently. We completely sold out of plants and did a lot of funeral containers, baskets, standing sprays, casket sprays and vased arrangements. It was nuts! Almost like memorial day.

In the cooler. I didn't do all of these but just so you can get an idea. There was about that much behind me as well.

I absolutely LOVE doing standing sprays. This one is one of my favorites to do, just all white. I love monochromatic stuff.
This was the sunshine spray. One of my favorites!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Everyday in August

The mother wanted an arrangement for her daughter that was "supposed" to have a baby boy. I asked her why she said "supposed" and she said that she didn't trust ultrasounds. haha so I made it kinda unisex but I did add some blue delphinium. :)
Also for a new baby boy.
I'm getting way better at the shape of my dozens. I love doing them with bigger, more open roses. It just looks like more.

Summer Weddings

I stem wrapped this bouquet for a wedding last weekend.Note: I did not make this bouquet. This is just to show the whole picture.

I did the mothers' corsages for this wedding and here is how they turned out.I also stem wrapped the bouquet.Note: I did not do this bouquet. It is just to show how the corsages matched so well and just because it turned out beautifully.

Funeral Work

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wedding Work

Silk wedding bouquet for a bridal shoot

I am a good stem wrapper.

For a wedding...mother's corsages.
Groom's bout.
Father's bouts.

Everyday in July

Pretty Pink Dozen.
I'm really getting good at fruit baskets.
My favorite Teleflora design copy, Heavenly Hamptons.
Making a good shape with daisies is HARD!
More birthday present arrangements.